The rock and pop music are connected to each other; their singing style is much similar in nature. They had a very wide range of tones of funky to pretty.

If we talk about the rock singing stars then they usually have heavy guitars which baked them up to make a variety of sounds and in another way pop music is also requires a lot of practices and hard work. These both type of music genre need to have the basic understanding of keeping their voice clear and healthy according to their music demands so that their voice last longer. Let us take a quick look on how to train you for rock and pop music.


Using microphone for sound

If you do have a microphone or using it for the practices then you don’t have to show the same kind of intensity and clarity in voice while singing pop and rock music as in the case of opera. You don’t have to be sad to have a fuzzy voice.

It can help you to carry your echo if your tone is not up to the mark and focused. However, you need some kind of clarity to amplify your voice. Apart from that, you don’t need the intensity of long duration.

Use recent technology


With the use of some latest technology of sound systems in the market, you can instantly correct your pitch of the sound. With the use of software, apps, and other karaoke tools, you can correct your pitch. Sometimes a live performance can be seen nervous and imperfect and not as good as the studio recording, but you can later on perfectly mix your live and studio performance with a little bit of resonance & correction in slips of tone. To perform in front of live audiences you should be sure enough to be as good as possible. If you are a female singer then you can use your head voice or falsetto. You don’t need a wide space inside your mouth & throat.

Be healthy

Start making a diet chart along with the daily routine workout to keep you calm and composed. You don’t need to do something out of the box, just stay healthy and fit and be whatever you are.  You should take you diet chart seriously so that you will not destroy your voice. Apply some healthy and solid techniques to be in shape.

Do some moves along with the singing


You can try out singing and dancing to your favorite song or video at home to practice this approach. You should perform some basic steps and can move ahead with the advance dancing steps. At the same time keep your voice tone clear and perfect to the rhythm.

Don’t scream too much, it can damage your voice and can cause fatigue or tone changes. For that, you can take the help of resonance to fully create the sounds like screaming.

Taking some help

Try to take help from the online resources of respected singers like Billy Joel, Katy Perry, Michael Jackson, Kesha, Enrique etc. to make your voice more clear and comfortable to the genre. Apart from that, you can take some coaching to learn it from the basics and be prepared for it.